Most people who love drinking coffee have coffee makers. These are seen in many homes and offices today. They are easy to use and very portable. Just plug them in and there you have your favorite hot brewed coffee.

There are many types of coffee makers. There are those that are portable and easy to use while others are large and good for businesses.

1. Drip Coffee Makers

These coffee makers are what you commonly see among homes and offices. These can brew coffee from one cup to twelve cups of coffee. Very simple to use, just place the ground coffee to a coffee filter and fill their reservoir with water. Plug them in your outlet and turn them on and in a matter of minutes, you can see hot brewed coffee dripping in your glass pot. There are so many models for these types, and most of these are programmable and fully automatic. These machines have clock, pause button, strength adjuster, coffee grinder, and a permanent coffee filter.

2. Espresso Coffee Makers

These are commonly seen among coffee shops around the globe as large machines that make varieties of brewed coffee such as espresso, lattes and cappuccino. They are ideal for business, but can also be used by people who love to drink espresso coffee at the comfort of their home. There are several models for these such as the pump-driven and pod drip machines, which are very expensive. The fully automatic type just takes a click of the switch in order to have your espresso coffee.

3. French Presses Coffee Makers

These are the oldest way of making brewed coffee. There is no need to use electricity which is very economical. French Press is made up of a tall glass cylinder, a plunger, and a filter. To make your brewed coffee, just add your ground coffee at the bottom of the cylinder and pour your boiling water into it. Stir the mixture and let it sit and brew for several minutes until you achieve the desired strength. The longer you sit your coffee, the stronger it will be. After that, you can press the plunger down in a very slow manner to push the ground coffee at the bottom of the cylinder. Then, you can have your brewed coffee in a quick but old-fashioned way.

4. Single Cup Coffee Makers

These types of coffee makers use only a single cup of coffee for small family or office units. These contain coffee pod or a cup with the coffee grounds and a small filter that fit inside the machine. Once the pod is inside and when the machine is turned on, hot water passes through the pod and fills it, so brewing can take place in the space provided. After a few minutes, you can now have your brewed coffee with just a push of a button. It’s simple and without fuss. There are several models for these types and have many features for each machines.

There are many ways to make your favorite brewed coffee. These are the different coffee makers you can use for brewing coffee, so it’s up to you which of them you will choose.